PTE练习— FIB II (15)

The gender wage is still alive and well worldwide. Research shows that, of the level of qualification, jobs predominantly done by women pay less on average than jobs predominantly done by men. The economic empowerment of women is becoming evident, . A generation ago working women performed low-skilled jobs and were routinely subjected to sexual discrimination. Today women make up the majority of professional workers in many countries, for example, 51% in the United States and gender discrimination can now attract legal consequences. This revolution has been caused by legal, economic and social factors. with the introductions of equal-rights laws and the penalties on gender discriminations, the economic is experiencing a growing demand for women’s labour, driven by the relentless rise of the service sector, where women can compete as well as men. Women are increasingly willing and able to work outside the home, as technology reduced the amount of time needed for the traditional female work of cleaning and cooking. The expansion of higher education has also boosted job prospects for women, improving their value on the job market and their roles from stay-at-home mothers to successful professional women.

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