Top 5 tips to Pass Chartered Accountant Program


This post outlines some of our top tips to enhance your study effectiveness for the Chartered Accountants Program.

Tip 1 : Practice Good Time Management  (12 hours a week)

Balancing work, personal lives, and CA studies can be a challenge. You should schedule regular blocks of study each day or over the weekend to ensure a consistent approach. Our experience with the material shows that it takes around 12-15 hours a week to study to go through a typical unit. We recommend you set some time aside each day i.e. 2-3hours per day over the work week or alternatively, up to 4-6hours over the weekend to make up your time. A disciplined approach will ensure that you are on track with the CSG and the practice problems. Another reason to support a disciplined approach is that CA materials build on top of each other. What this means is that content in the earlier part of the program become used in later units. Many candidates who cram materials find it difficult to get a complete grasp of the information and experience a higher failure rate..


Tip 2 : Investing in virtual learning

With CA converting programs to a virtual delivery format including the final exams, it requires all candidates to adopt new disciplines to maximize learning outcomes. You will need to get used to reading or writing your answers online rather than on paper. For candidates who’ve joined our courses, this includes a firm commitment to complete the core content materials and also walkthrough of key practice problems. You will enjoy the benefits of interactive learning and will be provided with an opportunity to ask questions along the way. Our live learning sessions keep you disciplined and informed along your studies.

Tip 3: Looking beyond

Businesses focus on planning for the future and so should you.  Are you doing CA just to pass the exam or are you expecting to learn useful materials which can potentially benefit your career development?  Gaining true knowledge from each module, being able to apply the knowledge to answer questions, and demonstrating your value in your future work should remain at the forefront of your efforts. With the right mind frame you can see your CA studies as less of a chore which will help enhance your output.

Tip 4: Get Better as we Get to final units

Experience tells us that candidates do not always have a complete understanding going into the final weeks of the module. As a result, there is a risk that knowledge gaps will hinder your progress during these crucial moments. As you get towards the final end of the module, we would highly recommend you spend time to strengthen weak areas of understanding and knowledge as this will cost you in the final exam. Spending time on strengthening weak links will add the most amount of value to your studies and overcoming difficulty will greatly help you build your confidence.

Tip 5: Wellbeing during your CA study

All candidates who participate in a CA module will be studying really hard for a minimum of three months. Concerns about the quiz and exam can be stressful and impact your mental health and wellbeing. However, you just need to recognize that it’s natural to feel a range of emotions, such as stress, worry, anxiety, or poor mood. From time to time, you should just remind yourselves that you are not alone and everyone is on the same boat. Stay positive. What you think, you become.