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Why choose our CA Learning Program ? 


Course Schedule (MAAF)

The aim of our CA course is to keep your study progress ahead of the CA timeline so that you can have enough time left for your exam preparation.

  • Interactive webinar courses – This will be delivered each week with emphasis on units that are challenging and hard to understand and we’ve dedicated enough hours to help you to go through the material, activities and worked examples.
  • Exam prep sessions – By going through past exam papers and reviewing questions, you will consolidate your knowledge and feel confident in your final exam.
  • Integrated activities – Our program teaches candidates the best method to approach complex exam problems by identifying key focus areas and to break down each critical component. Our problems are based off exam style questions and our simple instruction will show you how to solve each question in a simple step by step fashion to enhance your familiarity. In each session candidates can ask our instructors questions on specific points to consolidate understanding and to enhance your learning experience.
    Interactive Study SessionsDateHoursCA Time line
    Unit 1-220 Feb 211 Hours(2:30PM -3:30PM) (AU time)/ (4:30PM – 5:30PM) (NZ time)
    Unit 3-421 Feb 211 Hour (10:00AM -11:00AM) (AU time)/ (12:00AM – 1:00 AM) (NZ time)
    Question Session27 Feb 211 Hours (1:30PM -2:30PM) (AU time)/ (3:30PM – 4:30PM) (NZ time)
    Unit 5-606 Mar 211 Hour (1:30PM -2:30PM) (AU time)/ (3:30PM – 4:30PM) (NZ time)
    Unit 7-813 Mar 211 Hour (1:30PM -2:30PM) (AU time)/ (3:30PM – 4:30PM) (NZ time)
    Question Session14 Mar 211 Hour (10:00AM -11:00AM) (AU time)/ (12:00AM – 1:00 AM) (NZ time)
    Unit 9-1020 Mar 211 Hour (1:30PM -2:30PM) (AU time)/ (3:30PM – 4:30PM) (NZ time)
    Unit 11-1227 Mar 212 Hours (1:30PM -3:30PM) (AU time)/ (3:30PM – 5:30PM) (NZ time)
    Question Session28 Mar 211 Hours (10:00AM -11:00AM) (AU time)/ (12:00AM – 1:00 AM) (NZ time)
    Unit 13-1510 Apr 212 Hour (1:30PM -3:30PM) (AU time)/ (3:30PM – 5:30PM) (NZ time)
    Total Hours12Hours
Exam PrepDateHoursCA Time line
Exam prep 1 Part A18 Apr 212 Hours
Exam prep 1 Part B25 Apr 212 HoursExam on 4 May 2021
Total Hours4 Hours

Our CA course Offering is: 

Bundle (Interactive Module Content & Questions +Exam preparation) (A&B) ; A$560;

A (Live Interactive Module & Questions Series) – Total Duration: 12 hours;
This package is a series of interactive webinars which will help the candidate obtain a solid understanding of the module with an emphasis on critical learning areas. Candidates will also be able to learn how concepts and key learnings are applied to problem sets.

B (Live Exam Preparation Series) – Total Duration: 4 hours;
This package is specifically designed to help the candidate prepare for final exams through applied problem solving and review of practice final exam questions and critical learning areas.

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