9 Benefits of our CA Sessions

Why choose our CA study program ?

Our CA Study program was constructed by taking feedback from past candidates and in collaboration with industry and academic professionals to provide the current and potential candidates the right tools and framework to successfully complete your exams and online assessments. Our platform does this by providing 8 unique features below. In each module, there are a number of core and critical areas of content, and our teaching platform allows you to review your courses and notes at any time and any where. It’s no brainier. 

With the structured course and notes, you will save time in studying each unit and build confidence in your study. We also run exam preparation sessions when you can ask our instructor areas that you have difficulty with. We also offer a forum where you can post your questions and answers will be provided in a quick turnaround.

Our program is truly unique, and we are confident in helping you pass your CA studies with ease and with confidence.


1. Cutting Through the Noise –  as each Chartered Accountants module covers a wide array of content, it becomes difficult to distinguish what is crucial and what is not. With our platform, you can instantly review the most important concepts with a single click.

2. Clear and concise Instruction There are numerous knowledge areas in a single module, but our course map summarises each section for you with clarity. You will not feel overwhelmed and you can save time by focusing on crucial learning areas. In some cases, you may find you can easily attempt the worked examples and activities after attending each weekly course.

3. Simple language – We use simple language to deliver each course and this makes each unit enjoyable and easy to understand. Whether your natural language is English or a foreign language, you will find the material extremely intuitive and easy to follow.

4. Real-life examples – We use real life business cases to explain complex concepts so you can take these learnings to your workplace.

5. Efficient Way for Exam Revision – You can listen to our audio lessons while you are commuting, cooking or doing other things. This will help you further consolidate your knowledge before the final exam. 

6. Q&A session – Receive live feedback for your questions. Every student has a unique study method and we are here for you to help answer your questions. Asking questions is often the best way to learn and we make sure you get the chance to ask questions across each study Unit.

7. Online exam – As the Chartered Accountants Program is moving to an online test, we are developing our platform to create an environment that is similar to the final exam to make your exam preparation more successful.

8. Quiz Prep Sessions – We know that Quiz is as important as the final exam. That’s why we have scheduled time to get you prepared for the quiz ahead of CA exam timeline.  

9. Walk-through questions – Our simple instruction will show you how to solve each question in a simple step by step fashion to enhance your familiarity. Candidates can ask our instructors questions on specific points to consolidate understanding and to enhance your learning experience.

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