FIN Taster

1. Intro to FIN 121 2. Taster – (we covered a few selective topics) UNIT 1 – IESBA Code Fundamental Principles UNIT 1 – Key Threats to Fundamental Principles UNIT 2 – Income Statement and OCI (Other Comprehensive Income) UNIT 2 – Adjusting Event UNIT 3- Revenue recognition process (most likely amount/expected value) 3. Taster […]

8 Benefits of our CA Sessions

9 Benefits of our CA Sessions

Why choose our CA study program ? Our CA Study program was constructed by taking feedback from past candidates and in collaboration with industry and academic professionals to provide the current and potential candidates the right tools and framework to successfully complete your exams and online assessments. Our platform does this by providing 8 unique […]

CA Course timetable – FIN

Transfer Pricing (arm’s-length principle)

Pricing of international dealings should reflect a fair return for the activities performed. Transfer pricing rules may apply on related party debt International pricing transfer needs to reflect a fair return for the activities performed. If the pricing is not in accordance with the transfer pricing rules contained in the tax legislation, it may be […]

How to treat Christmas parties expenses ?

Fringe Benefit Tax and Christmas parties Q: My company is going to hold Christmas party this year.  How to determine the FBT implications and how to treat this cost? Is this tax deductible? We will discuss the treatment for a company that is not using 50-50 split method for meal entertainment below. We need to […]

New leasing standard – IFRS 16 Leases

INTRODUCTION Lessees Almost all leases will be recognised in the statement as a ‘Right-of-use’ asset and a lease liability. Therefore we won’t see rent/lease expense on the P&L statement. Asset – use cost/revaluation model (IAS 16 PPE) or treat it under (IAS 40) Investment Property Liability will give rise to interest expense; Right-of-use asset will […]


Pass CA exam in first attempt

How to prepare your CA exam Enrolling for the Chartered Accountants program is a big step in your career development and I congratulate you for undertaking this journey. For those working in the accounting profession, CA is a must have on the resume and will help you accelerate your career development. “Over the past 10 […]

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