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When William Levitt began erecting these low-cost Cape Cod houses on potato fields east of New York City in 1946, his planned community had a population of 450; by 1950s, its population was 60,000

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James Blumenthal, a psychologist leading a team in Duke University, conducted an experiment where depressed patients were placed on a supervised exercise regimen, during which 60 percent of them got better within four months.

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Genentech spent hundreds of millions of dollars researching the drug, and decided to build a plant to manufacture it years before receiving approval to sell Avastin in 2004

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The report drafted by the consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) examined the first stages of Tony Blair’s £5 billion program to transform failing inner city schools by creating innovative city academies backed by private money.

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In Yiddish, this perfect match is called “bashert”, a word meaning fate or destiny.

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Dishu explained in his second book, Manage Yourself, that expectancy theory still seems preferable for managers in corporations trying to transform from managing people indistinctly to individually.

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Maurice Bishop, the establisher of a socialist government in Grenada, successfully maintained its survival for four years under the US engineered incursions.

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Bond ratings are being even more uninformative in terms of telling investors at what price levels they should be paying

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Sincere attempts to alter the macroeconomical environment can usually be found in a proper budget.

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38 packs of spices came back with the cargo but, Magellan himself, had been hewed into pieces in the Philippines.