PTE练习— FIB I (4)

As international travel and communication expand, globalisation has resulted in a more world. Different cultures are as people everywhere become increasingly similar in the way they live. Media is one of the key factors to globalisation, particularly the news entertainment industry. Ideas can now spread incredibly widely, quickly and effectively using the global platform.

converging varied massive homogeneous leading booming resulting
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  • PTE9999 2017年12月12日

    booming为什么不符合句意呢。。booming platform表示这个平台在这个趋势中不断繁荣,比起massive更适合吧

    • 果教授 2017年12月12日

      PTE9999 同学,谢谢你的提问。句子说的是media leads to globalisation (媒体是造成全球化的一个原因),媒体并没有越来越繁荣,文中没有这个意思。这个句子要表达的只是:因为媒体本身已经是一个大规模的平台,所以ideas can spread widely, quickly and effectively.而且我们一般不会用booming和platform搭配。