Is Having a CA Critical File Really Worth the Hassle?

There is a lot of debate as to whether it makes sense to write a critical file for the CA module. The majority of CA candidates have full-time work and are under extreme time pressure. I was lucky in the sense that I had the luxury of my parents running essential household tasks where I […]

Top 5 tips to Pass Chartered Accountant Program

Hi This post outlines some of our top tips to enhance your study effectiveness for the Chartered Accountants Program. Tip 1 : Practice Good Time Management  (12 hours a week) Balancing work, personal lives, and CA studies can be a challenge. You should schedule regular blocks of study each day or over the weekend to […]

CA Course timetable – FIN


Pass CA exam in first attempt

How to prepare your CA exam Enrolling for the Chartered Accountants program is a big step in your career development and I congratulate you for undertaking this journey. For those working in the accounting profession, CA is a must have on the resume and will help you accelerate your career development. “Over the past 10 […]