PTE Reorder Paragraph- Exercise 8

1)It is not often that people get a chance to witness a volcano from the very beginning. Most of the volcanoes have been here for a very long time。 2)It is thus unhazardous to set foot on them, moreover, quiet slopes are even built with plowed farms and people’s houses. 3)Volcanoes are often called little […]

PTE Reorder Paragraph- Exercise 7

1)Evaluations are made based on observations of over 12,500 men for a 14-year period and the psychological and physical demands of each man’s job are taken into researchers’ consideration. 2)Men who had low control over the demands of their jobs were 1.8 times more likely to die from heart disease than men with more control; […]

PTE Reorder Paragraph- Exercise 6

1)As fireworks for 2004 Olympic Games explode during the opening ceremony, the Olympic rings are lit up in the sky of Athens at that night. 2)Away from its ancient birth place for 108 years after its revival, the Olympic Games is home. 3)Four hundred drummers made the sound of a human heart-beat across the stadium […]

PTE Reorder Paragraph- Exercise 5

1)Researchers hoped that ailments-related damages, such as those caused by spinal cord injuries, diabetes or a genetic immune disease, can be repaired using these cells. 2)Barely a year before, his team just shocked the world by cloning a human embryo. 3)Moreover, Hwang wants to move his research into making embryonic stem cells grow into specific […]

PTE Reorder Paragraph- Exercise 4

1)More importantly, the research opens the way for the people of the East and the West to learn from each other in fundamental ways. 2)Besides, a psychologist in University of California, Berkeley, has discovered deeper polarities between Chinese and American cultures – polarities that go to the heart of how we reason and discover truth. […]

PTE Reorder Paragraph- Exercise 2

1)Artificial trees, on the other hand, consume significant energy and petroleum-based materials during their manufacture. 2)To reduce huge holiday waste, recycling fresh trees after Christmas, instead of not using them, is then the seemingly best choice, where rather than wasting spaces in landfill, trees can be ground into wood chips, to mulch gardens or parks. […]

PTE Reorder Paragraph- Exercise 3

1)Ironically, people display ambivalent attitudes towards the quality of these ads that are now literally prevalent – thanks essentially to the improvement in technology – the dominating impeachment is that the quality of communication of the information has been diluted. 2)For one thing, it is not uncommon now for companies to match their corporate mold […]

PTE Reorder Paragraph- Exercise 1

1)Because of bad reputation among investors, Woolworths shares, albeit posting healthy profits, trade at a discount to peers. 2)In the recent years, a disastrous capital hike, an expensive foray into various businesses and uncertainty about the reason for a share buyback have left investors bewildered. 3)The main problem for this is the past. 4)Many investors […]