PTE Reorder Paragraph- Exercise 18

1)Honestly, they will not even be able to make the markets should they not be willing to take open positions. 2)Despite the exchange control, Indian banks are not completely avoided from keeping open positions on a daily basis. 3)Market makers, who offer bilateral quotes in the international markets, use open positions far more commonly. 4)Specifically, […]

PTE Reorder Paragraph- Exercise 17

1)Thrills, ranging from video games to burgers, cover the rest. 2)Because browsing only provides a limited percentage to cover your costs. 3)The bigger your cafe, the more is the need for additional mean of income. 4)Plain-vanilla patterns work for some cafes. 5)These fruits will make your clients spend more time with you and also add […]

PTE Reorder Paragraph- Exercise 16

1)Think back to the last time you were discussing completing an assignment with one of your colleagues: you may have suggested that you both come in on Saturday to finish the work and your colleague may have counter proposed that you could stay back on Friday evening and finish it instead. 2)I too once suggested […]

PTE Reorder Paragraph- Exercise 15

1)As the disputably most important aspect of internet, electronic commerce, or electronic transactions, are booming everywhere, especially in intimate connections. 2)Since neither identities of the parties nor the transaction history are recorded in cash transactions, it is pretty safe to say that privacy and anonymity can be ensured without such information. 3)Effective payment systems and […]

PTE Reorder Paragraph- Exercise 14

1)It is generally believed that skilled negotiators seem to keep their cards close to their chests and do not reveal their feelings 2)A surrogate method is thus used, in which the number of times that the negotiators mentioned their feelings or motives are counted. 3)Recorded information about external events, including facts, clarifications and general expressions […]

PTE Reorder Paragraph- Exercise 13

1)Traditionally, banks add value to their customers in similar manners. 2)The ability to retain deposits, in itself, is now not enough to ensure long-term survival and growth. 3)Deploying invested funds into vibrant programs at higher rates of returns, hence is another key loop in banking cycle, contributing to the prosperity of both bank itself and […]

PTE Reorder Paragraph- Exercise 12

1)The results were disturbing: not only did one in ten teenage schoolboys say that he had carried a gun or a replica gun in the past year, but 6 percent of the 11 to 15-year-olds said that they had fired a real gun. 2)The findings came after interviews with 11,400 London children about the scale […]

PTE Reorder Paragraph- Exercise 11

1)The official government statistic showed that in the last financial year only, nine hospital trusts had deficits of more than £10 million, 14 had deficits of more than £5 million, and another 39 of more than £1 million. 2)They also said that the deficits were the result of hospitals expanding too fast to try to […]

PTE Reorder Paragraph- Exercise 10

1)A slim, but real, hazard that the virus in the samples could spark a global flu epidemic, impelled the World Health Organization (WHO) to urge the rush. 2)The concern from this shipment renews questions about the safe handling of deadly germs, an issue that led to toughened American rules after anthrax was sent in the […]

PTE Reorder Paragraph- Exercise 9

1)Another thing we know about volcanoes is that they don’t happen just anywhere. 2)Scientists have figured out ways to detect these places, for which maps are made to let everyone know. 3)Puffing above the ground, the smoke was said to be the dragon’s raging breath, and the earth quakes, on the other hand, were explained […]