PTE— FIB Reading (Exercise 9)

The ongoing armed in South Sudan is posing a direct threat to the people. The United Nations declared that Sudan is facing the worst humanitarian since 1945. Without urgent financial support, not only that the international humanitarian system will be overstretched, there will be a greater of catastrophic loss of lives. Experts predict that the […]

PTE— FIB Reading (Exercise 8)

For centuries, archaeologists have puzzled over the of Stonehenge, the prehistoric in southern England. There have been speculations as to why it was erected, although many believed that it was used for ceremonies and rituals. Despite scholars’ lack of clear for its purposes, Stonehenge continues to have special religious and cultural to thousands of visitors […]

PTE— FIB Reading (Exercise 7)

In the honeymoon phase of cultural adjustment, expatriates usually respond to between cultures with excitement. As the novelty of the host culture wears off, loneliness and surface, due to difficulties in knowing what is appropriate and  of values. As adjustment gradually takes place, cultural  such as facial expressions become easier to read. Things start to […]

PTE— FIB Reading (Exercise 5)

Our changing climate and  earth resources indicate that lives on earth will not be sustainable. Scientists have considered  the planet Mars as a form of possible space colony. Due to lack of support by the thin Martian , a winged aircraft that transports astronauts to Mars will plummet to the ground. Hence, the aerospace researchers […]

PTE— FIB Reading (Exercise 4)

As international travel and communication expand, globalisation has resulted in a more world. Different cultures are as people everywhere become increasingly similar in the way they live. Media is one of the key factors to globalisation, particularly the news entertainment industry. Ideas can now spread incredibly widely, quickly and effectively using the global platform.

PTE— FIB Reading (Exercise 3)

Gifted children are identified with their personal characteristics. They may exhibit talents in arts, innate abilities for sports or comprehension of concepts. Speed of learning is the best indicator that a child has an aptitude of something. Because gifted children are so , not all of them exhibit the same characteristics.

PTE— FIB Reading (Exercise 2)

Memory is one of our most essential abilities. The initial of retaining a memory in short-term storage begins when we perceive something with our senses. Short-term memory is responsible for performing common mental such as adding number and following directions. The conversion of short-term to long-term memory is crucial for developing the motor skills, most […]

PTE— FIB Reading (Exercise 1)

Slang is informal language that gives identity to particular groups or cultures. A feature of slang is that it is not a part of language, but a deliberate substitute for it, just as a nickname substitutes an official name. Often difficult to decipher, slang does little in promoting relationships between people but, on the contrary, […]

PTE Reorder Paragraph- Exercise 20

1)Although most of the organizations seek transformations, one way or another, what the majority of them have in mind is managing change. 2)Most of individuals and organizations still live in the territory of change, where the definition is mostly regarding “reactivity”. 3)Stemming from span-new sense of intentionality accompanying a higher purpose, transformation is positive and […]

PTE Reorder Paragraph- Exercise 19

1)The fact, nevertheless, is that risk assessment, to which more importance should have been attached, was overlooked by banks as a result of languished vigilance. 2)Some tend to describe it as a once-off aberration calling for emergency treatment, while subjects with the wording of “deceased portfolio” and figures as high as billions of rubles are […]