PTE— FIB Reading and Writing (Exercise 10)

The of families in children’s education has long been recognised as a significant factor in educational success and school improvement. In order to achieve educational goals, schools are committed to develop strong with parents to maximise student engagement and achievement. The commitments reflect the awareness that families are the most important factors that contribute to […]

PTE— FIB Reading and Writing (Exercise 9)

Since intelligence cannot be directly observed, there is a wide range of definitions developed by psychologists. Although there are many  of intelligence, most of them have common aspects. They typically refer to such features as the ability to learn from experience, to reason, to solve problems, to deal with people and objects, and to adapt […]

PTE— FIB Reading and Writing (Exercise 8)

All living animals have nervous systems. Simple animals, such as jellyfish, have nervous systems containing only a few nerve cells. This allows them to perform basic  activities such as eating, breathing and moving, but little else. Human beings need a more advanced nervous system to be able to perform  activities such as problem solving, creative […]

PTE— FIB Reading and Writing (Exercise 7)

Before money was invented as a medium of exchange, a system of barter, by which merchandises were exchanged, was used. This system without value , however, did not always allow trade, since there was not a common measure of value among the items bartered. Gradually, some commodities, for their utility, came to be more sought […]

PTE— FIB Reading and Writing (Exercise 6)

Frank Gehry is a Canadian American architect and designer whose original, radical and playful work won him worldwide renown. During his early career, he built unique structures using unorthodox materials. His early experiments are perhaps best represented by the  he made to his own home in Santa Monica, California. Gehry stripped the two-storey home down to […]

PTE— FIB Reading and Writing (Exercise 5)

Despite the dangers highlighted by space shuttle tragedies and unnerving problems in the international space station, the spirit of exploring the universe is alive and well, not just based on the romantic notion of discovering life from other planets but also reflects a growing realisation that life on earth will not be . As earth […]

PTE— FIB Reading and Writing (Exercise 4)

Between 1910 and 1970, many Indigenous children were forcibly removed from their families as a result of various Australian government policies. The generations of children removed under these policies became known as the Stolen Generations. The forcible removal of Indigenous children from their families was part of the policy of assimilation, based on the assumption of black and […]

PTE— FIB Reading and Writing (Exercise 3)

As international travel and communication expand, the world has become more homogenous. Different cultures are converging as people everywhere have become increasingly similar in the way they live, including fads and fashions that people follow and the well-known brands that we become to seeing as we travel around the world. For businesses, globalisation brings advantages […]

PTE— FIB Reading and Writing (Exercise 2)

According to biochemical study, there is a biological basis to love. The feeling of romantic love is  to powerful hormones and chemicals being released into the brain. The process of falling in love can be broken down into three fairly distinct phases based on the hormones and chemicals dominating each phase. In the first phase, […]

PTE— FIB Reading and Writing (Exercise 1)

Language is a living thing, constantly expanding, evolving and adapting to the human who use it. The most obvious area of language change is slang. Slang used to be   by the educated community –the schools carried on warfare against it and the religious preachers thundered against it. It is now socially because, when used […]