PTE— FIB Reading and Writing (Exercise 20)

The Australian Commonwealth Parliament is responsible for all matters that affect the nation as a whole. It has been given a number of   areas of responsibility in which it can make laws, for example, education, health and transport. Only the Commonwealth can make laws in defence, foreign policy, currency, airports and communications due to […]

PTE— FIB Reading and Writing (Exercise 19)

Born in 1412 in a small French village as the daughter of a farmer, Joan of Arc received no education from the lessons of the church. From an early age, Joan of Arc displayed a religious inclination and a sensitive . She began to have mystical visions at the age of 12. She claimed that […]

PTE— FIB Reading and Writing (Exercise 18)

Along with economic capital, social capital is a valuable mechanism in economic growth. In the past, companies rely on persuasive marketing to get customers in, in the 21st century, companies rely on social capital more than ever to drive business. Social capital permeates many aspects of the business world, companies acquiring new customers and individual job-seekers finding […]

PTE— FIB Reading and Writing (Exercise 17)

In recent years, state governments have acted to protect people from bullying,  in the workplace. In February 2010, four men and the company they worked for were fined a total of $335,000 for bullying a young waitress who later killed herself. The waitress, Brodie Panlock, committed suicide after months of bullying at the café where […]

PTE— FIB Reading and Writing (Exercise 16)

While the general public appear to be aware that there is a variety of causes of homelessness, most people incorrectly drug and alcohol addiction to be the main cause. In to these common perceptions, women and children are a large number among Australia’s homeless population since relationship breakdowns is the cause, followed by physical or […]

PTE— FIB Reading and Writing (Exercise 15)

The gender wage is still alive and well worldwide. Research shows that, of the level of qualification, jobs predominantly done by women pay less on average than jobs predominantly done by men. The economic empowerment of women is becoming evident, . A generation ago working women performed low-skilled jobs and were routinely subjected to sexual […]

PTE— FIB Reading and Writing (Exercise 14)

The Australian government constantly faces criticism for its way of dealing with the asylum seekers. It is considered to be a very issue as people from different walks of life possess different attitudes towards the issue of asylum seekers. There are thousands of very vulnerable refugees and asylum-seekers on Manus Island and Nauru, suffering from […]

PTE— FIB Reading and Writing (Exercise 13)

Addictions to smartphones are becoming an epidemic, especially among teenagers. This explains teenagers’ reliance on their smartphones to boost their mood. Likewise, this can also work in reverse and result in restlessness and frustration when they lose access to their smartphones. Smartphones also affect teenagers’ communication skills and emotional development., the more time teenagers spent […]

PTE— FIB Reading and Writing (Exercise 12)

The Norman conquest of England, led exactly 950 years ago by William, Duke of Normandy, was the greatest yet the most political change England has ever seen. The reasons for the were complex. Early in 1066, Edward the Confessor, then king of England, had died heirless, sparking a crisis of succession. His brother-in-law, Harold Godwinson, […]

PTE— FIB Reading and Writing (Exercise 11)

Sir Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion states that an object will remain at rest, or will not change its speed or direction, unless it is acted upon by an outside, unbalanced force. In many that a passenger may experience on a bus, an unbalanced force is acting on the vehicle to change its speed […]