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You are a Chartered Accountant working for Flexi Pty Ltd. An extract of Flexi’s key accounts are provided in the table. The below additional information relate to Flexi Pty Ltd in the financial year.

Additional Information:
• All revenue is made on credit.
• Included in other expenses is $10,000 in interest paid.
• There were no disposals of equipment during the year.
• Equipment was purchased for cash during the year.
• Flexi undertook a share issue during the year.
• An interim dividend of $50,000 was paid in November 20X5.
• There are no temporary differences for tax purposes.

Prepare the statement of cash flows for Flexi Pty Ltd, using
the direct method, for the year ended 30 June 20X6.Ref: Questions adapted from Activities. 

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  • Prerna 2020年6月28日


    There are other questions in CAANZ for unit 2. are you going to discuss that too? sorry I’m new to this so I don’t know much.

    Thank you

    • 果教授 2020年6月29日

      This is a good question.
      We don’t discuss each questions but we can answer specific questions.
      For example, if you find one questions (Act 2/1/2.2) in the Activities or Worked Examples- one calculation or one part is difficult to understand. You can put the specific questions here.

      By walking through each questions won’t help you pass CA. This is because in the end candidates need to develop their own ability to tackle each questions by themselves. We don’t want you to have the idea that by just reading or listening to the questions you can pass the CA. You NEED to pen down your own answer. You will not get it correct or not be able to complete it fully, but that’s fine. Only by doing this, you will then know the specific questions that you would like to check and that’s where we can further help.

      The general recommended hours for studying CA is 10 – 15 hours per week. If you are not doing this, you need to catch up.

      Having said that, we do walk through some questions. Like the one we did in Q 2 and Q 4. The purpose of this is to establish a good foundation for you and give you a big picture in terms of how to tackle a daunting question. This is a shortcut for you and you will feel confident to answer similar questions.

      Once you study the CSG and listen to our sessions, you will be able to address the majority of the questions in the activities and worked examples.

  • Prerna 2020年6月30日

    For cash flow statements do we need to do indirect method also?

    • 果教授 2020年6月30日

      Yes. Attempt the Act 2.1 Task B – reconciliation of cash flow from operating activities to profit for the year.

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