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Customer testimonials Module: Hey sorry to inform I pass yappy. I am so happy happy and grateful to u, ur summary and lecture made me understand the concept. I got 50/80. – Asad Jan 2021 AAA  Hi bingo, I hope you’re doing well. Great news for me as I have passed with marks of 50/80. […]

CA Course timetable – MAAF

Why choose our CA Learning Program ?    Course Schedule (MAAF) The aim of our CA course is to keep your study progress ahead of the CA timeline so that you can have enough time left for your exam preparation. Interactive webinar courses – This will be delivered each week with emphasis on units that […]

Is Having a CA Critical File Really Worth the Hassle?

There is a lot of debate as to whether it makes sense to write a critical file for the CA module. The majority of CA candidates have full-time work and are under extreme time pressure. I was lucky in the sense that I had the luxury of my parents running essential household tasks where I […]


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AAA Learning outcomes

  U1 Key Learning Outcomes 1. Apply International Auditing Standards and National Generally Accepted Auditing Standards and applicable laws and regulations to an audit assignment. Activity 1.1 (20 minutes) Activity 1.2 (60 minutes) Activity 1.2 (20 minutes)W.E. 1.1 (20 minutes) 2 Hours + 2. Explain current issues in assurance and auditing and the impact these […]

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CA Program Timetable 2021

CA Notes and critical files

CA Tutorial and workshop  Our CA tutorial teaches candidates the best method to approach complex exam problems in the CA modules by identifying key focus areas and to break down each critical component. Our simple instruction will show you how to solve each question in a simple step by step fashion to enhance your familiarity. […]

Top 5 tips to Pass Chartered Accountant Program

Hi This post outlines some of our top tips to enhance your study effectiveness for the Chartered Accountants Program. Tip 1 : Practice Good Time Management  (12 hours a week) Balancing work, personal lives, and CA studies can be a challenge. You should schedule regular blocks of study each day or over the weekend to […]